Old plumber talks about an automatic air vent. Venting plumbing fixtures.

This is a video on an automatic air vent for renovations in your home.All plumbing fixtures in your home must be vented whether they are wet vented,individually …



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35 Responses

  1. Ted Strong says:

    Thank you!! You just saved me a bunch of money and time

  2. 2020Bookworm says:

    I have PVC pipes in my bathroom.

  3. Do these ever go bad? i have one in my kitchen, sink drains super slow and backs up when dishwasher is on, i snaked the lines they are clear. If i remove this vent, all works great. I even went on my roof to make sure that vent was clear since its winter. Been living here for 5 years, we heard some gurggling every once in awhile but now its constant and very slow

  4. Job Seeker says:

    There better NOT be a spring inside. It must be GRAVITY closed by all codes. Mechanical valves with springs are verboten.

  5. Stephen says:

    Only took 2 seconds for me to realize he was Canadian 😁 I've heard them called a few different things one bring an autovent

  6. Joe Stamper says:

    I have a problem as we speak,both of my bathroom uses them ( everything) when there is a problem how do you find it?

  7. Brian Cogley says:

    Very nice presenter….unfortunately he is totally wrong that this is allowed by code for a vast majority of local jurisdictions.

  8. Fireguy says:

    will gasses or odor's escape through this unit and make your kitchen smell ?

  9. Ralph Riffle says:

    the plumbing illistrated manual clearly states No Mechanical Vents. venting an island sink is accomplished with a loop vent that has been approved by the inspector

  10. I have one under my sink in my RV bathroom. I get one shower’s worth of normal draining then in the middle of the 2nd shower, I have go unscrew the AAV and the shower drains normally again. Bad valve? Thanks

  11. Gary Smith says:

    Just turn with a 90Β° instead of a tee… πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

  12. Leigh Jordan says:

    if used should always be 6" above the "flood level" plane of the highest fixture in that room, not the trap being served

  13. Question every vent I think has been cut but vent under sinks but having drain and toilet not going down what can I do?????

  14. this one is not code these days. the Studor ones however are

  15. Another alternative to using an air admittance valve for an island sink is to oversize the drain (3" for a kitchen sink) and have a clean out at the top of the vent inside the cabinet. No risk of the valve failing and an easy access for drain cleaning later…

  16. Round says:

    Is this permitted in New York State!

  17. A proper fix would be an island vent

  18. forty two says:

    Wait! You didn't point out that a mechanical vent is a measure of last resort. First off. Never install a mechanical vent in a location that is out of sight and/or inaccessible. I don't live in the Great White North, but I suppose they make them in sizes larger than 11/2", Eeech! One thing I know about standard venting. It's going to last as long as the building. A mechanical vent has a lifetime. From that of a Midge to one of a Horse. Tsk,tsk! I'm an old plumber.

  19. are these the same as a Studor vent?

  20. Dave Taylor says:

    Without reading every comment to see if it was asked or addressed, these might be a repeat questions. You mentioned you started using a more expensive model. No reason given for spending the extra money. No name given for this model either. Plus i would like to know if water were to be held up for some reason, and backed up in to this valve would it leak water, or is it designed to not leak. Thanks

  21. sgtjim says:

    Kitchen sink drains very, very slowly. When i reach under the sink & unscrew the air vent the sink drains fine. Is the air vent not working.

  22. Radnally says:

    Would this meet code even if it weren't for an island application? I have a situation where I'd like to avoid putting another hole in my roof and connecting to an existing vent stack will be a big hassle. I know code is different everywhere and I'll probably have to call the permit guys. Thanks.

  23. please make a video.expaining how to use an automatic air vent for the washer machine drain pipes.can we install it inside the wall too or it's only for kitchen p traps?thanks

  24. Mike M says:

    Thank you for posting this video, it was very informative. I have a plumbing if its ok to ask. I have a home that is up on pilings and the bottom floor (garage) which is level with the outside ground. The entire bottom of the home where the pilings are is enclosed and has a cement slab. I would like to add a utility sink on that level so when I come in from fishing or crabbing I can clean up. I have the 4" home drain pipes available that go directly into the basement slab then to the street. The problem is there are no vent pipes available to cut into. I was wondering if I could use one of those automatic air vents instead of connecting it into an actual vent? If not what can I do for venting? Thanks – mike

  25. Sonya says:

    Can I use this for a shower? I need to know asap.thank you.

  26. I'm having some major issues with my kitchen plumbing — first I noticed water in front of the dishwasher when it ran, then the double sink wouldn't drain (drained VERY slowly). After snaking ~25 ft in thru the trap I noticed the main drain pipe is leaking a bit at one of the joints (at least one gasket from another joint seems to be missing, too). Today, I went ahead & used baking soda & vinegar in the disposal side, which seemed to work just so-so; I went ahead & ran the dishwasher with BS/V, and noticed that each time it drains water spurts from the pipe vent under then sink. HELP!!! I don't know what to do, or which problem to tackle first. (Oh, and did I mention that my husband is on disability? Yeah, money woes, too. /sigh/)

  27. FUGYOO says:

    "Then" is an adverb used in time comparison. "Than" is a conjunction used in making comparisons. Poor grammar makes Billy a less reliable instructor.

  28. RC944jim says:

    Is there a vent that will let air in but will stop water from coming out of the vent if the drain going down to the floor is plugged? Thanks for the Video

  29. Condor1970 says:

    I have a large sink, and not a lot of room on the sides of the tub. Is it OK for the top of the valve to be below the bottom of the sink, yet still 6" above the P-trap?

  30. 1065Olivia says:

    When we bought this 70 year old house (13 years ago)the back bathroom they added over a porch did not have any gurgling sounds at all, but a few years ago it started in. Every time you flush, take a shower or use the sink it gurgles SO loud!Β  I do not see a pipe coming out of the roof in back where it is but the front bathroom is vented that was built in the 50's. Is it possible they tied into the old vent ? We live way out in the county so they may not. Anyway no smells ever come up from sewer and I really want to fix this. Do I have to put one of these on every fixture? Sorry so long.

  31. Cool Running says:

    hi , i need an information , the pipe can stay in the wall ? or need more air for work ? need to go under the roof or outside ? thank's

  32. MadMaxx63 says:

    Is it possible for these vents to "get old" and "go bad"? Two sinks in the kitchen…when pouring a bunch of water down the drain of the main sink, bubbles and water will pop up in the island sink (island sink has the vent) It's gradually gotten worse over the past year so I went out and purchased a Rigid power snake which hooks up to your drill…1/2” X 25' long. Ran that Full length down both pipes and didn't get much gunk out. Filled main sink with water and let it drain but it still comes up the island sink, not nearly as bad but still. Does this sound like a clog or a vent issue? Is the power snake not big enough in diameter to do an effective job?

  33. just bought a water pressure back up sump pump that calls for a air gap don,t understand why i need this

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