Local vs. Big Box Stores: What to Know Before You Buy Plumbing Parts and Fixtures

Not all plumbing parts and fixtures are created equally. The stuff from big box stores and online is not all the same. Often times products have been created to hit …



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  1. Travis k says:

    This video isn't 100% clear. You can buy that brass fill valve from both HD and lowes. But it's not a on the shelf item. You can buy them online. For the most part, the stuff on the shelf at these stores is low quality. But when comparing items, one needs to compare item numbers/ serial numbers. They need to be the exact same. If they are the same numbers then it's the same product.
    Keep in mind that the seller may be lying or mistaken if you are shopping online and you find something for $100 off and it says that it's the same model number. You might get the item and find a 1 at the end of the model number.

  2. I did see a Moen Faucet with the exact same model number being sold about 100 cheaper at amazon/ HD compared to a local plumbing supply. I called Moen customer service and they told me if the model number matches, it is the exact same quality. What do you think?

  3. Scott Reuse says:

    Important topic. We are constantly dealing with customers that we have to explain this to.

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